IP conflict with Chromecast and Windows 10 Hotspot

Apr 04, 2019 Using Chromecast with VPN - Surfshark Connect the device you use to set up and control Chromecast to the Wi-Fi network that’s now VPN-protected. It’s your phone or tablet with Google Home app on it. Setup your Chromecast if you haven’t done so. You can follow the official Google guidelines. At the “Connect Chromecast to your Wi-Fi” step, select the VPN network. Tethering & Hotspots: How to Stay Connected Wherever You Go

How To Connect a Computer To a Mobile Hotspot

Re: Using chromecast with mobile data In response to Huecolour In order to set up chrome cast with your phone as a hotspot you need to use the google home app on a device connected to phones hotspot. Stream Local Media to a Chromecast Without an Internet To circumvent this, reddit user Quaternions_FTW suggests creating a mobile hotspot with your phone and connecting your Chromecast, as well as the device with the media you want to stream on it to How to use ChromeCast without WiFi in easy way|Tech-addict

Dec 24, 2019 · Open the Connectify hotspot and share the connection in the form of a Wifi hotspot. Now, connect with the Chromecast to the newly created hotspot and start working with it. Recommended Articles: Top Two Player Games for Android; Best Thermometer Apps For Android; Best Storage Apps for iPhone; Font Style Apps

Using U.S. (and Overseas) Apps with Chromecast - Windows Jan 19, 2018 wifi - Chrome cast using Wi-Fi HotSpot of Android 2) Setup device finds chromecast listed as a Wi-Fi hotspot and connects to it for setup, at which point it is disconnected from the internet Wi-Fi device and connected to chromecast's Wifi. 3) You configure chromecast to connect to your internet Wi-Fi device. 4) Both devices then connect back to your internet Wi-Fi and communicate that way