How to Install and Configure DNS Server (Bind 9) on Ubuntu

Jul 26, 2019 How to Install CouchDB on Debian 8 Linux Operating System Jul 22, 2020 How to install tarball packages on a Debian based Usually it's ./configure, make, make install, but I'm sure someone will provide better answer to you, No", "xyz not found" or similar, install the package libxyz-dev (on Debian based systems) and try again. If the package does not exists, you need either to find the correct package or to install … makefile - What's the opposite of 'make install', i.e. how In a Debian based system, instead of (or after*) doing make install you can run sudo checkinstall to make a .deb file that gets automatically installed. You can then remove it using the system package manager (e.g. apt / synaptic / aptitude / dpkg ).

How to install cmake

How to install htop on Debian Linux using apt-get - nixCraft May 27, 2020

Jan 19, 2015

Dwm - Debian Wiki # make clean install This will (re)compile dwm and install the binary to /usr/local/bin/ and man page documentation to /usr/local/share/man/ . Tip: If you do not have root privileges, or if multiple users want customized instances of dwm, you can run dwm from the build directory without installing it. The magic behind configure, make, make install