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Group policy - Specify transport and server - External 2009-9-17 Unable to resolve hostnames (DNS) from LAN pc's > server 2009-1-10 DNS unable to resolve host - MikroTik

Mar 30, 2017 · HOWEVER, that is not satisfying, as I travel a lot and don't want to manually adjust the DNS address each time. Tech. support from Parallels, PLEASE help us: how do we need to set up the Parallels engine (or whoever listens at, so that Parallels can pick up the actual DNS server, just as Airport does.

Unable to resolve the server's DNS address. - Ask Hi, After completing the Openstack setup I could create a Small instance and its status is Active Running, when i click on Console it is giving a message "Unable to resolve the server's DNS address" this is the first time i've created an instance in Openstack, can anyone help on this Please? Regards, Unable to resolve dns names from server - Micro Focus Server is nw65sp8 It recently stopped being able to resolve dns names. When I try to use ping.nlm to any host such as - Welcome to AOL or HP® - Laptops, Desktop, Printers, Servers, and more, it resolved to the public address of the pix firewall. GroupWise GWIA also runs on this machine, and it is likewise unable to properly resolve addresses to send outbound mail (a temporary fix here

I specifically looked for DNS address. I did the same for my Laptop as well. You will get DNS address under “Wireless LAN adapter WiFi:” here you look for. DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . : I noticed my desktop DNS Servers IP and my Laptop DNS Servers IP’s are both different.

Hence, no internal DNS, just external. We worked around the issue by creating DNS records on our public-facing DNS servers for select internal names and IPs. With that done, Google's public DNS could resolve these internal names with internal IPs, and the devices could then reach our internal hosts.