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7. Fixing Dota 2 Crashes. If you are facing regular Dota 2 crashes, then you need to read this guide to fix your Dota 2 Crashes. It gives you almost all the solutions to the Dota 2 crashing problems. Give it a go. 8. Activate Gaming Mode on your Antivirus. Most of the antiviruses have gaming mode by default in them. Nov 02, 2016 · Next perform a ping test with your command prompt on your computer by giving the following command (just copy it and paste it into your command prompt) ping -t note down the ping you get and if the ping you get is high , just restart your router and repeat from step 1 .usually takes me 3-4 tries to get a good ip . DOTA 2 relies on having an incredibly fast connection to ensure that you outplay your opponent. If you’re struggling with high ping and lag spikes then you will ultimately be losing more games than you win. Ensure you follow the steps below to fix the issue. DOTA 2 Lagging and Latency Fix Guide Feb 25, 2015 · My current Dota 2 settings : Resolution 1920 x 1080 In advance settings : I select everything except Anti-aliasing Game screen render quality : 100% Shadow & Texture quality : HIGH I've test for ping and packet loss through CMD with Dota 2 server in my region and there is no packet loss or high ping. I got no idea what is going on. Apr 10, 2018 · How to Fix High Ping on Win­dows 10. Matthew Lui 10 Apr 2018 If you’re an online gamer, you know how irritating a high ping can be. If you’re having trouble connecting properly to game

High Ping in Dota 2?

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Dota 2 Ping Checker is a simple tool that helps to check in-game ping before starting the game. This diagnosic tool tests for Dota 2 server status. Analysis takes ~10 seconds and will outbook your max, min and average ping over those 10 seconds, along with your ping live stream.

High ping in dota 2 : learndota2 YouTube and Google Servers can give excellent ping due to their locations. The servers of DotA are only at some specific location causing the high ping, I can suggest only 2 things for you to reduce ping. Use your Mobile Data (If the cost is cheap, it gives a good latency and consumes 50mb per game) High Ping in Dota 2? Dec 09, 2011 List of Console Commands - Dota 2 Wiki